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646f9e108c The hapless Ishbo, a philosophical caveman, yearns for more out of life than sticks, stones, and raw meat. Determined to single-handedly, advance the human race, Ishbo continually irritates his fellow Neanderthals with ridiculous inventions like the toothbrush, the spoon, and pants. The rest of his tribe, including his exasperated parents, write off his absurd gizmos and forward thinking ideas as the ravings of an idiot, something that doesn't help his efforts to impress the beautiful Fardart, the cave girl he loves from afar. Fardart only has eyes for Ishbo's studly but dimwitted brother, Thudnik. As if things couldn't get any worse, the enemy tribe on the other side of the hill is readying for war. Will Ishbo ever win Fardart's love? Can he possibly survive a man-eating wooly mammoth or a man-hating tribe of beautiful but deadly Amazons? Can he finally pull his species out of the primordial doldrums before he's history?
A philosophical caveman yearns for more out of life than sticks, stones and raw meat.
A caveman wants more out of life, including his brother&#39;s hot wife and leadership of the tribe.<br/><br/>From the number of stars some other reviewers have assigned, I have to think they were associated with the movie in some way. It&#39;s just not that funny. The idea is somewhat original, with the caveman theme, but the jokes are totally predictable: cavemen clubbing women, prehistoric animals wreaking havoc, and sight gags like cavemen wearing modern eyeglasses.<br/><br/>It&#39;s one of those movies you might watch if it was the only thing on TV late at night when you couldn&#39;t go out and get a rental.<br/><br/>The protagonist, Caveman Isbo, has a string of failed inventions and a crush on his brother&#39;s hot wife. He can&#39;t get the cave women interested in him and his inventions don&#39;t spark any interest with the tribe. He does a lot of moping around, trying to solve his problems.<br/><br/>It&#39;s a good idea, and almost funny enough to capture your interest, but not quite. If you&#39;re into National Lampoon humor you can probably watch it, but it won&#39;t be one you recommend to friends.
There&#39;s been some strong buzz about this film for a while on line thanks to a whole bunch of trailers and funny little videos. I really wanted to check this film out for a host of reasons, not the least of which are Ali Larter (who&#39;s hot as Hell), Miles Dougal (Star of many a Giuseppi Andrews epic) and Rifkin, who I&#39;ve been a fan of since DETROIT ROCK CITY. Having only seen the web trailer and a couple of viral vids I could only hope that it wasn&#39;t the type of film that tries to show you so much of the funny gags in the trailer, then while your watching it you&#39;re sitting there saying to yourself, &quot;wow I should have just watched the trailer for 88mins&quot;.<br/><br/>THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE FILMS! From the opening scene, a reference to 2001, to the closing scene, an obvious homage to Buster Keaton, this film delivers! NATIONAL LAMPOON&#39;S STONED AGE is about a prehistoric Einstein named Ishbo whose tribe believes that both his inventions and the fact that he doesn&#39;t believe in clubbing women, is completely insane!! Ishbo (Played by Rifkin) is a caveman with some great ideas! Ideas that will help man evolve, but his father Mookoo (David Carradine), brother Thudnik (Hayes Macarthur), and friends Zig &amp; Zog (Giuseppe Andrews and Miles Dougal) just don&#39;t understand why he isn&#39;t content living the life that the tribe has come to know and love. The film also features Ali Larter, Tom Arnold, Talia Shire, Bill Tyree (another Giuseppi regular), Gary Busey, Ron Jeremy, &amp; Lin Shaye.<br/><br/>Now don&#39;t get me wrong, this isn&#39;t GODFATHER PART 2, but it&#39;s obviously not meant to be. It&#39;s just a funny little caveman movie that&#39;s smart, silly and really well done. And the cave babes are sexy as hell! From the opening scene with Miles Dougal (Zog) all the way to the very last frame tight on Adam propped up in a neanderthal man display in a history museum, this little film keeps it in 5th gear and doesn&#39;t slow down. From clubbing chicks to Mastodon hunts gone awry, Thudnik shows us what it would&#39;ve been like (more so how easy) to become the Alpha-Male. While Ishbo is busy inventing things like bikes, fishing nets, and pantsÂ… his buddies Zig &amp; Zog are busy finding things to smoke their funny grass out of. Meanwhile the love of Ishbo&#39;s life Fardart (Ali Larter) is trying to set him up with his lovely cousin, who just so happens to be an ape. Ishbo really can&#39;t catch a break, especially the night of his brother&#39;s bachelor party before he marries Fardart and he has one to many drinks with his cousin. Ishbo ends up screwing the chimp. Gross! Rifkin said that Woody Allen was a big inspiration to him and you can definitely see the influence. Not in a copy cat way, but the film shows obvious reference to his idol.<br/><br/>The DVD is LOADED with extras like bloopers, deleted scenes, outtakes, music videos, and &quot;old fool raps&quot;. Also is the lovingly produced &quot;GAY-vemen&quot; featurette. The disc has a HILARIOUS commentary track, not your standard directors track, but done knowingly poking fun at themselves and each other. All you &quot;dirty caveman&quot; be sure to check out the &quot;STONED AGE PENTHOUSE PHOTO SHOOT&quot; &amp; &quot;STONED AGE MAXIM PHOTO SHOOT&quot;. This DVD is sure to become a cult classic and a must have for all DVD collectors.

To put it simply, the Unrated version features one extra scene of about 60 seconds with several nude girls in a lagoon.
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