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Santo Contra Los Asesinos De Otros Mundos Download

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646f9e108c Santo, the crime-fighting wrestler, battles an alien monster who is controlled by an evil madman bent on taking over the world.
Finally watched this film the other night. It was hilarious. If you're not familiar with the Mexican made Santo films, Santo is a masked wrestler hero. He has appeared in many films, this is the first of them I've seen. In this one he struts around shirtless in a mask, tights and gaudy red cape. Santo is summoned by the authorities much the way Batman is to deal with master criminals on the loose. In this case it's a scientist who tries to control blob like giant space microbes. The costume for the blob is a bunch of guys covered in a camouflage colored plastic sheet. You can see the obvious shapes of the men under the sheets when the blob attacks.<br/><br/>The fight sequences between Santos and the bad guys are dragged out and badly choreographed. They're unintentionally funny at first, then seem to go on forever. Aside from those scenes the rest of the film is classic "so bad it's good' fun.
An evil scientist turns microbes from a moon-rock into large, flesh-hungry blobs in a fiendish world-domination plot. Will the masked wrestler Santo defeat this madman and his lackeys, and shield humanity from blob-snack doom? You bet your sweet ass, he will…<br/><br/>This 1973 release(some sources cite itbeing made in 1971) is a mostly par later entry in the Mexican Santo series. If you're already familiar with these films, then you pretty much know what to expect…a distinctly Mexican recipe fusing cheesy, high-camp sci-fi/horror thrills with cheesy, high-camp wrestling-hero action. The pulsating, slowly moving "blobs" are nothing more than guys crawling around under Naugahyde blankets(seriously…this one serves up some of the most ghetto monster effects ever lensed). Amazingly, these beasts dissolve their victims' flesh clear to the bone, yet leave their clothing entirely intact! Preposterous and juvenile twaddle, indeed…but in the right mood, this is a harmless barrel of old-school belly-laughs.

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